Message from the Management

ASTOR TRANSFORMATÖR A.Ş, continue to produce transformer needed by energy and industry market continuously developing. With the awareness of that change and development are the most important reasons for a firm to exist in the future, our investment projects starting in 2011 bears it first fruits with the start of operation of our new factory in 2012. Presenting more quality products is our purpose with renewed machines, test centre, and production bands. Also, we try to develop our range of products based on efficiency in order to meet needs of industrial sector with our Research and Development projects supported by Tubitak. It is among our most important purposes to provide better service to energy and industry sector with our new factory and website. 

ASTOR TRANSFORMATÖR A.Ş, has determined as the primary target to become a firm not only producing distribution transformers but also special type transformers needed by the sector and power transformer with its continuing investments. In order to reach our targets, we shall continue to work with the support of our customers and the power bestowed by our values. 

As firm of Turkey with only national capital, we pride with our production capacity of 1500 distribution transformer. It is also our boast to response national and international needs of energy sector and to provide service to our country with our increasing export capacity.

ASTOR TRANSFORMATÖR A.Ş, as a national firm gradually increasing its national and international portfolio, proceeds with solid steps with the support it obtains from the values we possess and its customers. 

With respect, 

General Manager